About Me

Having a grandmother birth 21 kids, filled my youth with great experiences to celebrate holidays, birthdays and weekends with family. I was able to cherry pick qualities of relatives that I admired and make them my own.

However those annual celebrations changed when family members would require hospitalization due to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. I watched as some members returned from the hospital with hair missing, limbs amputated and some who didn’t survive their ordeal.

This impacted my being to become proactive in my health and wellness. For over 20 years I’ve been an advocate to learning, studying and implementing fitness curriculum to communities around the world. I’ve had the opportunity to help people not only deal with physical challenges but mental wellness as well. My Strength, Length and Endurance program is fun yet effective in living a healthy lifestyle. Plus I’ve devised a 6 week course called Define Your Greatness, How I use Chakras to live a purpose filled life to share with others. This is my contribution so that families around the world can live happy healthy lives for future generations to follow.

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