My Inner Fat Kid Name is Vernon

By Jason Kennedy on 24 October 2021

I have an Inner Fat Kid Named Vernon.

He's a foodie, a wine connoisseur, a chocolate chip Cookie Monster that lives by the motto "we are the only species that can cook,season and prepare food to our liking.  So we might as well exploit it".   

He first made his appearance at my grandmothers house during thanksgiving when I was a child.  I stood before a 10 foot long table  covered with pots and plates filled with food and the most delicious aromas filled the room.  Eyes widened, mouth salivating, I found myself holding the largest plate I could find and started piling on the food.  

That was how food became a big factor in my well-being.  Family, food and good times.  

It wasn't til later that I found that the food was partially the cause of various health issues within the family.  Ingredients such a heavy creams, butter, salt and sugar wrecked havoc that caused me to put Vernon in check.  

The good thing about having an inner fat kid is that I can laugh at myself in the mirror wherever I appear pudgy.  I can have a positive experience seeing where the remnants of my( I mean Vernon's) indulges lingers. 

This light-hearted demeanour keeps my stress hormone, cortisol in check. I also exercise regularly and create workouts based on activities such as hiking, weight training, basketball drills and conditioning for enjoyment.  So I look forward to doing the work necessary to stay fit frequently.

Point of the story is, having an inner fat kid enables one to appreciate the flavors of life. To explore and experience what you enjoy, but have the discipline to do so in moderation.